smilift — the vacuum tube lifter

smilift equipment is utilised for simple and quick product handling. The gripping and lifting of the loads is implemented by means of vacuum in a work process where only the lowest amount of steering effort is required. Whether dealing with boxes, sacks, barrels, slabs or other components, the smilift is the right solution. The equipment can also be supplied in a stainless steel design or for utilisation in explosive areas. Three models have been designed for the various requirements of the loads that are to be moved:

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ecosmilift   —  The universal companion

Compact and safe • Can be utilised for the majority of handling tasks when dealing with loads between 30 kg and 220 kg in eight graded versions • Standard and special load suspension devices can be attached

flexismilift   —  The variable companion

For large lifting heights • With extended or modified operating handles • Available as a dual lifting unit for heavy loads up to 250 kg • Product-adapted structure

minilift   —  The small companion

Small, compact and light • Available with one-hand operation with various handle types • "Pick & Place" device for quick product handling when dealing with loads of up to 45 kg • The vacuum generator can be optionally operated electrically or by means of compressed air