KBK — rail systems and equipment carriers — for opening up spaces of the handling systems

The rail systems: Various systems mobilise you
Depending upon the product and job, there are various equipment carriers and rail systems available for you at SMI:

Wall mounted swivel equipment

These cranes are mounted on to load-bearing concrete walls or hall pillars and therefore do not take up any floor space. The opportunity to also mount these cranes on to machines and plants creates a large operational diversity. Unloading 2m - 5m, movement radius of 180°

Pillar swivel equipment

Mounted in a stationary manner or with adjustable base plate for mobile deployment.
Various application opportunities in the hall or outdoors during the handling of goods or when feeding machines. The pillar, with its low space requirements, can be anchored using anchoring rods in the foundations or using on an existing concrete floor.
Unloading 2m - 5m, working radius of up to 300°.

Modular ceiling rail systems

Flexible movement sequences can be planned with the ceiling rail systems. Variable track lengths and movable cross-girders can be implemented and enable a comprehensive transportation of loads. The low weight of the device ensures light shifting by hand.