Product information

A significant main area of our activity is the development of solutions for product handling with vacuum technology. Electric hoists and electrical rope equipment, ceiling rail systems and swivel equipment are also part of our product range.
SMI utilises innovative technologies in order to simplify handling processes.

Efficiency — reduce your operating costs

Work that is carried out quickly and in a manner that protects the products leads to a continually high performance within the factory. The equipment is resistant and efficient as well as being inexpensive to purchase and operate.

Ergonomics — increase your productivity

The simple handling of the equipment means that staff members are not placed under as much strain during carrying and transport work. The load weight is eliminated. Injury risks and damage to health are significantly reduced.

Safety and quality — protect your investment

In the event of a power cut, the safety equipment permits a controlled and safe lowering of the load or holds it in position. In doing so, the various load lifting appliances always have a tight hold on the load. The deployment of premium materials and the premium processing quality ensures a high level of stability and low wear in everyday use. For you, this means a durable and economic investment.